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Social Media Management

I laugh at businesses that won't let interns interact with customers, but will let them play around with the company's Facebook & Twitter profiles. These businesses completely #fail to acknowledge the web as a battle ground!

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Information Technology

Information Technology is not just for big businesses. I constantly help families, retirees, and business owners set up networks, print wirelessly, sync devices, and discover cool new products, tools & apps to make life easier!

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Search Engine Optimization

I see companies that spend thousands on SEO every month, but I can easily point out foolish mistakes. Beware of high priced, fast talkers, who love to drop "algorithm" and other terms just to confuse you!

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Rob is great.  Period.  He always gets the job done, on time, and usually with an option including something that you didn't think of, but wish you did.

Jared Rapp, RGI Brands